Computer Solutions

Network Customization

Make your computer work for you:

  • Optimize your current equipment
  • Utilize older equipment in new ways
  • Get your network operating smoothly
  • Lower costs, eliminate frustration

Revitalize Your System

Virus Detected

Get the most from your computer repair:

  • Avoid downtime and computer system problems
  • Virus Removal and System Revitalization
  • Build a custom computer or Upgrade current equipment

Backup and Restore

Stop Data Loss

Protect what is important to you:

  • Recover lost data
  • Data loss prevention
  • Proven track record recovering data said to be unavailable


Custom Equipment

Get what you want:

  • Laptops, Desktops, and Game Systems
  • Servers, Firewalls
  • Websites
  • Untangle Security Appliances

Learn and Grow


Improve and enhance your knowledge:

  • In-Office Training
  • Seminars in relation to programs, products, and applications
  • User your programs to their full potential

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