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Founding and Philosophy

Technology is hard, really hard. Effective application of the correct technologies in the right places has a drastic impact on any organization's bottom line. These truths have even more impact on small businesses as resources are constantly stretched beyond their limit. Unfortunately, the industry seems to think that truly flexible and powerful technologies need to be expensive. Most vendors prefer to chase after the larger businesses and those fatter wallets. To us, budgetary constraints are just another challenge, and we love a good challenge.

Intouch Technology is passionate about small businesses; they are our dream, our love, and our focus. Let us dig through the mass of product offerings and find you the best tools to meet your needs. Describe your dream, tell us what you want, we'll make it a reality. And we'll do so within the budgetary constraints you provide. The age old axiom declares, where there's a will there's a way. Intouch Technology will find the way.

The Founders

Kim Sandling, Owner

Kim has been working with computers for 13 years. She is a mother of two young children who have made her a compassionate member of the ownership allowing her to be more patient while working through the stresses of owning a business. She has worked hard at developing the guidelines and advertising of Intouch Technology. Currently she is president of a networking group. She enjoys digital scrapbooking and has been able to utilize those skills in designing marketing material for Intouch Technology. In her spare time Kim enjoys playing with her children and working on her photography skills with her children as the subjects.

Rob Sandling, Lead Technician

Rob is a master technician with 24 years of computer experience, a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, and certified as a MCP. Rob enjoys playing computer games and has used that passion to master the wondrous realm of technology. Starting with his first computer when he was just 5 years old, he has devoted his life to the study and implementation of computer technology in all its forms. Today he wields a vast experience of cable, telecommunications, networking, and computer systems. He's done everything from basic help desk to programming computerized aluminum lathes. If he doesn't know the answer, he knows where to find it. He's always trying to find a way to make technology more "human" even if he has to get his wife to translate for him. That is, if you can get him away from his wife, kids, and games long enough to get some real work done.