You need to have a computer that works, let us make sure it stays that way!

For most people having a home computer is a necessity. Whether you need it for school, for fun, for taking care of your bills, or for any other use, people need to have a computer that runs without problems. But what do you do when your computer isn’t acting as it normally does, or if you want to upgrade your equipment? That is when we can help you!

What can we do for your personal computer?

Get a FREE computer Diagnosis!

Diagnoses are always free! If your computer is not working correctly, we will look at your system and diagnose the problems for free. Once we know what the problem is we will offer you all the possible options to remedy the situation. You stay in control and decide whether or not we perform the repair. You are always in charge!

Free computer diagnosis is only available for all computers serviced at our location, regardless of whether or not you choose to have Intouch Technology perform the work.

Equipment Consultation

Consultations are free! If you want to have a customized computer for gaming or if you have any other computer wants or needs, we can work with you to design the perfect computer. If you don’t know what kind of system you need, or what to do to make your home network work successfully, we can customize equipment with your needs in mind.

Networking Your Home Equipment

Not everyone knows how to network his or her home equipment to run smoothly. This is why we are available to help. We can set up your wireless equipment or home network. We always make sure it is secure!

Computer System Revitalization and Virus Removal

We offer virus removals at our location, and no matter how long it takes to remove the infection we guarantee to only charge $170!

No one wants to lose family pictures, music or homework papers. When we are removing an infection from your computer, we do our best to avoid data loss, taking steps such as imaging your Hard drive and files temporarily on our system until the infection is removed, then putting them back on your system and removing them from ours. We do not store any customer data longer than the period of the repair. We value your privacy.

Viruses, spyware, and malware are dangerous threats to any computer’s infrastructure. While there is no foolproof antivirus program out there, we have tools to fix these issues. We do not automatically reformat your hard drive if your system is infected. In fact, that is something we fight to avoid all together!

Security and System Updates are very important for every computer user. If your computers do not have the most recent updates, including your software, then your computer is at risk for many problems. Systems that are not kept up to date with patches and updates are more likely to get infected. Updates provide you with the most recent programming for your protection. We can install programs that you need, clean and defragment your systems, as well as offer many more ways to service your needs.

Data Loss Prevention and Recovery

Data Loss is something that no one wants to have happen to them. Losing your pictures, music, files and other important things can be heart breaking. Data loss can happen due to faulty hard drives, physical damage to the machine, operating System issues, software problems, virus infections and many other culprits.

We have several different ways to try to recover as much data as possible. We have a flat fee of $125.00 for data recovery no matter how long it takes. If for some reason we cannot recover any data you are not charged for any of the time we worked on your system. We have a proven track record when it comes to recovering data that other computer companies said could not be recovered.

If your storage media is getting too large we can backup your files so that you can make more room. We offer backup services for your data. This provides you with a safe and easy way to keep your files so you don’t lose them.

New and Custom Computer Equipment

We build all different kinds of equipment for our customers. We find out how you want the equipment to perform, and then we find the most cost effective options to build it. We do not use or sell equipment that we know will not last or that will be outdated quickly. We only use equipment that we trust to last and work well for your needs.

We stand behind all of the products we sell and we offer a free one year warranty on most product! We offer to compare our equipment part for part to any competitor’s equipment and show you the difference. We want to make sure that you are getting the best equipment for your company for the best price!

Training and Seminars

We offer many different classes and seminars. Some of these classes include digital scrapbooking, Quicken for home finances, Outlook, Photoshop and many more. Please contact us for a full list of our seminars.

Competitive Pricing

Our onsite rate is billed on an hourly basis. The rate is $125.00 per hour. This rate is for all services done at your location regardless of the type of service performed.

Our in office rate is based on an hourly basis. This rate is $85.00 per hour. Some services such as Data Recovery and Virus Removal have a set price no matter how long it takes to fix the problem. Also, our technicians only track time takes to perform the actual repair. Most repairs require far more physical time to perform than actual technician attention. Because we can easily task the technician with multiple repairs within our facility, we can pass this savings on to you! Estimates will be provided before any work is completed.

Remember, there is no charge if we cannot fix your computer!